Did Aliens Visit Earth Disguised As Supernatural Beings?

As more planets are discovered, the likelihood of humanity being alone in the universe decreases. Many of these newly discovered planets are similar to earth, but some scientists are realizing that life may take vastly different forms form the types of life on earth. Could aliens have visited earth representing themselves (or be misunderstood to be) supernatural beings? Is it possible the only way to communicate with early humans without confusing humans was to pose as … [Read more...]

The Haunting of Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory was known as Britain’s most haunted house. Although the building has long since been destroyed, eager ghost hunters still flock to the site of the haunted house and still report strange goings on amidst the foundations. Borley Rectory was a large Victorian Mansion, located in the small Village of Borley, Essex. Before it was destroyed by fire in 1939, it played host to the famous paranormal researcher, Harry Price, who wrote two books about the … [Read more...]