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How to Avoid Toxic Water

We all need water to survive. And we all know the importance of getting enough water each day. Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial to maintaining our health and allowing our body to function optimally. However, water can be a major source of toxic substances. But what are toxins anyway? And how do they get into the water supply? These questions are answered below, along with suggestions to ensure that the water you drink is as toxin free as possible. What are … [Read more...]

6 Steps To Prepare for a Nuclear Disaster

If a nuclear disaster is imminent, it’s important for people to take quick action to ensure the safety of everyone in their family. Although it’s better to plan weeks or months in advance, there are some protective actions that can be taken during a national crisis to prevent death or long-term illness. Experts say it’s best to print out guidelines for surviving a nuclear attack since it may be impossible to access the Internet or receive information … [Read more...]

The Radical Evolution of the NRA – Brief History of the National Rifle Association

Over the decades, the NRA has become a powerful political force in American politics. However, the group’s beginnings were humble, and the goals of the organization have significantly changed over time. Some feel the NRA has become a more radical organization than it needs to be where gun laws are concerned. Naturally, NRA members would wholly disagree with this. There is no question, however, that the NRA is one of the most powerful lobbies in politics. How did … [Read more...]

Raising Kids in America with Filipino Values

The history of Filipino Americans is rich and varied. Over the last hundred years, this community has flourished in Chicago, and is part of the second largest Asian American population in the U.S. Through the decades, Filipino Americans have blended into the fabric of American living, so much so that they are known as the “Invisible minority”. As with any populace that has undergone migration, Filipino Americans have their problems of identity, … [Read more...]

Why School Uniforms Are a Good Idea?

The debate around school uniforms will be renewed with every new generation of school children and their parents. There are very few practical reasons against the compulsory wearing of uniforms, and many more in favor, and this fact in itself should mark the end of the perennial debate – so why does it still rage on? To summarize the main reasons for the wearing of uniforms very briefly, as they have been well documented many times: * Uniforms introduce the … [Read more...]