Did Aliens Visit Earth Disguised As Supernatural Beings?

As more planets are discovered, the likelihood of humanity being alone in the universe decreases. Many of these newly discovered planets are similar to earth, but some scientists are realizing that life may take vastly different forms form the types of life on earth. Could aliens have visited earth representing themselves (or be misunderstood to be) supernatural beings? Is it possible the only way to communicate with early humans without confusing humans was to pose as some sort of spiritual being?

Religious texts mention beings other than humans. There are references in the Bible to beings known as angels. These heavenly are also known as messengers. They were created to serve God. The Bible refers to angels delivering important messages such as announcing to Mary that she would give birth to a son, the savior Jesus. Angels were also sent to smite God’s enemies. They were described as being fierce. According to Islam, the angels were beings created from light. They were also created without free will since they were created for the specific purpose of performing God’s will.

There is a hierarchy of angels that consists of several types of these beings. Seraphim are referred to as fiery serpents with six wings and four heads. They are the angels closest to God and they encircle his throne. Cherubim have four heads and four wings. They are the keepers of knowledge. Thrones are described as huge creatures with a glowing appearance similar to wheels with many eyes. Thrones serve as God’s chariot. Dominions are angels that oversee lower orders of angels and pass down orders. They are responsible for keeping order in the cosmos.

Angels called Virtues are referred to as shining ones. They perform miracles and inspire human beings. Powers are brightly colored beings that patrol the area between heaven and earth. They are also the angels of birth and death. Powers are the guardians of human souls. Principalities are described as light rays. They guide nations, cities and oversee our entire world, as well as the angels below them. Archangels fight against the forces of evil. They are messengers between God and human beings. Angels are beings also known as watchers. They are the guardian angels that preside over individuals.

But angels aren’t the only supernatural beings who have been reported to have interacted with early humans. According to Islam, there is another life form called Jinn. Angels and Jinn were both created before human beings. Jinn were created from a smokeless fire. ufos Like humans, the Jinn were created with free will. Jinn are believed to be invisible to humans but they can materialize in physical form. They can also shape shift and appear in any size. They exist at a different energy level which makes them undetectable by us. The jinn are also believed to have abilities such as telepathic communication. According to Muslim belief, the jinn will be judged like humans and sent to heaven or hell.

Creation stories state that humans were created from clay. We understand that life on earth is carbon-based. However, what does it mean when angels are said to be created from light and jinn from smokeless fire? Some scientists now agree that life that developed elsewhere in the universe does not have to be carbon-based. It may be possible that beings made of light are a photonic life form or that the jinn, composed of smokeless fire are actually a type of plasma life form. It is a possibility that even silicon or gaseous life forms could exist. Speculation may lead to revelation, but sometimes questions only lead to more questions. Most people believe that Satan was an angel, but if angels were not created with free will, how did he disobey or rebel against God? It seems that Satan may have been one of the jinn. If he was a jinn with free will, it would explain his ability to disobey God. The jinn are sometimes described as evil, mischievous and tempers of human beings, often leading them astray.

This seems to fit many traits attributed to Satan. It is believed that when Lucifer and his angelic host fought against the archangel Michael and were cast out of heaven, they became known as the fallen angels. Some people believe that the fallen angels and demons are the same beings. However, some scholars and laymen believe that demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, mentioned in the Bible’s book of Genesis. The Nephilim were the giant offspring from unions between the fallen angels and human females. If demons are the spirits of the hybrid Nephilim, then could it be possible that the fallen angels are jinn?

So where do aliens fit in the story? There is a wide range of theories about aliens. Most people believe they come from other planets, if they exist, that is. However, some people believe they come from other dimensions or even from another time. Perhaps, they are time traveling humans from a cataclysmic future. But there are some people that believe aliens are actually demons with the intent to deceive human beings into believing in technologically advanced aliens arriving to help solve all of the world’s problems. But if demons are actually disembodied spirits of the hybrid Nephilim, how could they appear in the physical world? Wouldn’t they need physical bodies to inhabit? Since the jinn are believed to be able to take physical form at will, could they be the beings we refer to as extraterrestrials? Although our technology and knowledge continues to grow, we live in a universe that holds more questions than answers. However, it is highly unlikely that we are the lone inhabitants of such as vast expanse.

Maybe aliens stopped interacting with humans when humans became too technologically advance to accept the ‘supernatural being’ disguise. Or, perhaps aliens are still communicating with humans … we are just not being told about those communications.

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