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In this section we provide articles on how to make events more fun and interesting. You can learn about the history or various holidays, how to select gifts, event planning tips, commentary on special events and things to make all your holidays more pleasurable. Enjoy.

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

As the month of October comes to an end each year, the sweet scent of fall is mixed with the excitement of the infamous night known as Halloween. It’s a time when kids of all ages put on their best costumes and cast off into the night to roam the neighborhood. They knock on doors, tell quick-witted jokes and get rewarded with enough candy to fill their treat bags up to the brim. When the hunt for candy is over, it’s back to the house to bask in the glory of … [Read more...]

Homemade Gift For Fathers’ Day

All dads have a favorite chair. Make this handy organizer, and Dad will have his favorite reading materials and remote controls close at hand. The remote holder is a fabric strip with pockets on each end. It fits under the seat cushion and hangs over the arms of the chair. The pockets are decorated with felt cutouts of the hands of everyone in the family. The gift can be accompanied with a message such as, "Keep your hands off Dad's remote!" This craft … [Read more...]

How to Avoid the ‘College Comedown’

No more cheap beer. No more wild, decadent parties. No more casual, ‘no strings attached’ sex. Indeed, life after college can be a daunting and terrifying prospect for any fresh graduate who still relishes the thrill, spontaneity and fun of college dating. It’s not uncommon for many college graduates to feel somewhat lonely and isolated after graduation, having shuffled reluctantly from the relative safety of the campus into the cutthroat world of … [Read more...]

Tips On Finding The Perfect Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are amazingly special. They say “Well done! We’ve made it another year!” and hold the promise of many years to come. You want to show your love, but you don’t want it to come across clichéd or boring. The good news is that there are plenty of great gifts out there, just waiting for your sweetie to adore! If your love is a romantic, there’s nothing they like better than going back over your life together. They savor every … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Birthday Gift for Men

Shopping for a man’s birthday gift often presents a challenge. A birthday only comes around once a year, so you want your gift to be memorable. A gift should be personal and thoughtful. At the same time, he wants something practical that he can use. When searching for a gift, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. You should think about his relationship to you. Grandfathers, fathers, sons and significant others all have very different roles in your life. … [Read more...]