Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of a natural (or even man-made) disaster hitting close to home. Or, the possibility of a nature disaster striking one's home. Yet, it is very important that all of us be prepared for a natural disaster (and then pray one never has to deal with one). Every day, the threat of another natural disaster looms. When one strikes, families and friends are left in dismay. Loved ones may be lost or injured, possessions may have been … [Read more...]

Be Careful When Using Social Networking

The social media revolution has been in full swing these last few years, with more and more of us using sites like Facebook and Twitter to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and interact with the online masses. However, could such a fun and harmless activity as socializing online actually harm your chances of getting that dream job? Just as the way in which people socialize has changed in the past decade, so has the way in which recruiters vet potential … [Read more...]

Your 5 Minute Daily Stress Management Program

We all have this favorite expression when it comes to being stressed out, and I wouldn't bother naming all of them since it may also vary in different languages. But when it comes down to it, I think that it is how we work or even relax, for that matter that triggers stress. Ever been stressed even when you're well relaxed and bored? I know I have. Since strees is unavoidable in life, it is important to find ways to decrease and prevent stressful incidents and … [Read more...]

How to Become an Ideal Leader

When you are at work, do you get frustrated because things don't seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to be? You see people milling around but nothing gets accomplished. And in the daily hustle and bustle, do you feel that your goals remain just that – goals. Then maybe its time for you to stand up and do something about it. Most people are content just to stand around listening for orders. And it isn't unusual to adopt a follow-the-leader … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You May Not Want To Marry Your Boyfriend

Deciding to marry someone is a big step in your life. It’s not something you want to take lightly. When you notice things that cause you to worry or make you feel bad, these are warning signs. This article outlines 6 signs that it’s not the best idea to marry your boyfriend. Reason One: He can’t hold down a job A man who can’t, or won’t, hold down a job is definitely something to worry about. First, you have to look at why he can’t … [Read more...]