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Genre: Rock

Released: Apr 21, 2015

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To the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends – Tom DeLonge

New WorldTom DeLonge3:34$1.29
An Endless SummerTom DeLonge4:09$1.29
Suburban KingsTom DeLonge4:10$1.29
The Invisible ParadeTom DeLonge3:29$1.29
Circle-Jerk-PitTom DeLonge1:59$1.29
LandscapesTom DeLonge2:14$1.29
AnimalsTom DeLonge3:41$1.29
Golden Showers in the Golden StateTom DeLonge2:35$1.29

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Customer Reviews

Ha. (1 star)
Been a fan of blink since beginning of time. Been a fan of DeLonge and his Airwaves since WDNTW. This is a joke. Releasing what seems to be blink ideas, throwing lyrics over them in probably less than a day and claiming it's an album. Cmon now. The songs don't even make sense, and some of which are even from other songs. If you want to continue this "new chapter" and move on and claim your releasing 4 albums in the next year, make

Feels like Box Car Racer part 2 (5 stars)
BCR is one of my favorite albums of all time. It's obvious that throughout Tom's career he writes his best music during times of stress in his personal life. This album is no different. It mixes pop, punk, post-hardcore, and just plain Rock & Roll into a delightful 30-minute journey into Tim's soul. If you enjoyed any Blink or Tom Delonge-related music in the past you won't be disappointed in this album.

My advice for your

Ambitious roads ahead (5 stars)
Tom faces extreme criticism, but still releases some of his demos, odds and ends as the album name suggests. It seems he is more experimental than he was back in the days of Blink 182. "The invisible parade" is a Tom DeLonge who isn't afraid of change, who still appreciates his roots but wants to break through to the next chapter.

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An Endless SummerTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..4:09$1.29
Suburban KingsTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..4:10$1.29
New WorldTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..3:34$1.29
Golden Showers in the Golden StateTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..2:35$1.29
The Invisible ParadeTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..3:29$1.29
New WorldNew World - Single3:34$1.29
AnimalsTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..3:41$1.29
Circle-Jerk-PitTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..1:59$1.29
LandscapesTo the Stars... Demos, Odds..2:14$1.29

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