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Call Me Maybe - Single, Kidz Bop Kids

Kidz Bop Kids

May 23rd, 2012

Children's Music

Years Active:
'00s, '10s


Family Halloween
Family Hallowee..
Kidz Bop
Kidz Bop
Kids Summer
Kids Summer

Kidz Bop Kids


Equally popular and controversial, Razor & Tie's Kidz Bop series of singalong collections debuted in 2001. Known for their "kid-friendly" versions of hit singles that are re-recorded by session musicians and singers and the Kidz Bop Kids, a chorus of child singers, the compilations became popular with families who wanted cleaned-up versions of contemporary songs: 2006's Kidz Bop, Vol. 9 debuted at number two in the Billboard Top 200 album chart, and at the time of the album's release, the collections had sold over seven million copies total. That year, the Kidz Bop Kids were named the number one children's music artist by Billboard for the fourth year in a row. However, many of the songs included on the albums dealt with mature themes and featured lyrics that, while not overtly explicit or vulgar, were still questionably suited for a very young audience. Along with the expected teen pop fare from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, and Kelly Clarkson, Kidz Bop included more left-of-center picks like Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To?" and Modest Mouse's "Float On" as the series evolved. Along with the regular Kidz Bop collections, which were released roughly twice a year, the franchise expanded to include DVDs and collections of oldies, Christmas songs, and Latin pop hits. Kidz Bop also developed ring tones, toys, and a clothing line over the next few years. The eleventh Kidz Bop Kids album, which featured a cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" as well as renditions of songs by Justin Timberlake and JoJo, emerged in 2007. Other releases in 2007 included Kidz Bop, Vol. 12 and Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever. The series continued releasing albums every few months for the rest of the decade. By the time of 2011's Kidz Bop 20, the series emphasized the personalities of the Kidz Bop Kids, which included Steffan, Eva, Elijah, and Charisma.

Top Albums

Call Me Maybe - Single, Kidz Bop Kids
1. Call Me Mayb..
Kidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
2. Kidz Bop 21 ..
Kidz Bop 20 (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
3. Kidz Bop 20 ..
Kidz Bop 19 (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
4. Kidz Bop 19 ..
Kidz Bop 18 (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
5. Kidz Bop 18 ..
Kidz Bop 20, Kidz Bop Kids
6. Kidz Bop 20
Kidz Bop 19, Kidz Bop Kids
7. Kidz Bop 19
Kidz Bop 21, Kidz Bop Kids
8. Kidz Bop 21
Kidz Bop 17 (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
9. Kidz Bop 17 ..
Kidz Bop 18, Kidz Bop Kids
10. Kidz Bop 18
Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits, Kidz Bop Kids
11. Kidz Bop Ult..
Kidz Bop 16 (Deluxe Version), Kidz Bop Kids
12. Kidz Bop 16 ..
Kidz Bop 17, Kidz Bop Kids
13. Kidz Bop 17
Kidz Bop Halloween Party (Deluxe Edition), Kidz Bop Kids
14. Kidz Bop Hal..
Kidz Bop 16, Kidz Bop Kids
15. Kidz Bop 16
Kidz Bop Greatest Hits, Kidz Bop Kids
16. Kidz Bop Gre..
KIDZ Bop Christmas, Kidz Bop Kids
17. KIDZ Bop Chr..
Kidz Bop Dance Party!, Kidz Bop Kids
18. Kidz Bop Dan..
Kidz Bop Halloween Party, Kidz Bop Kids
19. Kidz Bop Hal..
Kidz Bop Sings the Beatles, Kidz Bop Kids
20. Kidz Bop Sin..

Top Songs

Party Rock AnthemKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:23$0.99
DynamiteKidz Bop 19 (Deluxe Edition..3:25$0.99
Moves Like JaggerKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..2:52$0.99
Call Me MaybeCall Me Maybe - Single3:14$0.99
FireworkKidz Bop 19 (Deluxe Edition..3:47$0.99
Boom Boom PowKidz Bop 16 (Deluxe Version..3:27$0.99
Tik TokKidz Bop Ultimate Hits2:54$0.99
California GurlsKidz Bop 18 (Deluxe Edition..3:02$0.99
Stereo HeartsKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:34$0.99
Good LifeKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:39$0.99
Lazy SongKidz Bop 20 (Deluxe Edition..3:10$0.99
Tonight TonightKidz Bop 20 (Deluxe Edition..2:56$0.99
We Found LoveKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:38$0.99
I Gotta FeelingKidz Bop 17 (Deluxe Edition..3:36$0.99
You Make Me Feel...Kidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:32$0.99
Edge of GloryKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..4:24$0.99
Party Rock AnthemKidz Bop 213:23$0.99
Good FeelingKidz Bop 21 (Deluxe Edition..3:28$0.99
Born This WayKidz Bop 20 (Deluxe Edition..3:24$0.99
BillionaireKidz Bop 18 (Deluxe Edition..3:01$0.99
Hey Soul SisterKidz Bop 18 (Deluxe Edition..3:26$0.99
Party In the USAKidz Bop 17 (Deluxe Edition..3:23$0.99
DynamiteKidz Bop Ultimate Hits3:25$0.99
DynamiteKidz Bop 193:25$0.99
Just the Way You AreKidz Bop 19 (Deluxe Edition..3:38$0.99

Top Music Videos

DJ Got Us Falling In Love, Kidz Bop Kids
1. DJ Got Us Fall..
Do You Remember, Kidz Bop Kids
2. Do You Remembe..
The Edge of Glory, Kidz Bop Kids
3. The Edge of Gl..
Since U Been Gone, Kidz Bop Kids
4. Since U Been G..
Born This Way, Kidz Bop Kids
5. Born This Way
Fire Burning, Kidz Bop Kids
6. Fire Burning
1985, Kidz Bop Kids
7. 1985
Sweet Dreams, Kidz Bop Kids
8. Sweet Dreams
Let It Rock, Kidz Bop Kids
9. Let It Rock
Kidz Bop 20 - Behind the Scenes!, Kidz Bop Kids
10. Kidz Bop 20 - ..


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