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Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty

October 1st, 1996



Years Active:
'90s, '00s, '10s


Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas
Matchbox Twenty..
'00s Pop
'00s Pop
'90s Rock
'90s Rock

Matchbox Twenty


Upon the release of their debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You, in fall 1996, Matchbox Twenty was pigeonholed as one of the legions of post-grunge guitar bands that roamed the American pop scene in the middle of the '90s. As their first single, "Push," climbed the charts, it was widely assumed (at least by cynical critics) that they were a one-hit wonder, but Yourself or Someone Like You continued to spin off singles well into 1998. By that time, the group's blend of '70s arena rock and early-'90s American alt-rock — closer to Pearl Jam and maybe R.E.M. than Nirvana — had become the sound of mainstream American rock. That transition slipped underneath the radar of many pop music critics and fans. Yourself or Someone Like You sold millions of copies without ever truly dominating the charts — by 1998, it had gone platinum five times; by 2000, ten times. At no time did the record top the charts, but it was always around, a staple of modern rock, adult alternative, and Top 40 radio alike. Matchbox Twenty was omnipresent because they managed to blend the structure and sentiment of '70s arena rock with '90s hard rock, thereby winning a large audience by seeming simultaneously classicist and modern. They were a little more classicist than modern, but that's the reason why they became America's most popular rock band of the late '90s — even if nobody quite realized they had achieved that status.

Top Albums

Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty
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Exile On Mainstream, Matchbox Twenty
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4. Mad Season
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Top Songs

PushYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:58$0.69
How Far We've ComeExile On Mainstream3:29$1.29
If You're GoneMad Season4:34$1.29
3 AMExile On Mainstream3:44$1.29
UnwellExile On Mainstream3:57$1.29
Real WorldYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:51$1.29
UnwellExile On Mainstream3:57$1.29
Back 2 GoodYourself or Someone Like Yo..5:40$1.29
BentMad Season4:16$1.29
3 AmExile On Mainstream3:44$1.29
3AMYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:47$1.29
Bright LightsExile On Mainstream4:01$1.29
Long DayYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:45$1.29
UnwellMore Than You Think You Are3:48$1.29
HangYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:47$1.29
Hand Me DowniTunes Originals - Rob Thom..5:03$0.99
If You're GoneExile On Mainstream4:34$1.29
How Far We've ComeExile On Mainstream3:31$1.29
Last Beautiful GirlMad Season4:03$1.29
PushExile On Mainstream3:57$1.29
Girl Like ThatYourself or Someone Like Yo..3:45$1.29
Back 2 GoodExile On Mainstream5:37$1.29
Real WorldExile On Mainstream3:50$1.29
DiseaseExile On Mainstream3:38$1.29
If You're GoneExile On Mainstream4:34$1.29

Top Music Videos

How Far We've Come, Matchbox Twenty
1. How Far We've ..
If You're Gone, Matchbox Twenty
2. If You're Gone
3 A.M., Matchbox Twenty
3. 3 A.M.
Unwell, Matchbox Twenty
4. Unwell
Push, Matchbox Twenty
5. Push
These Hard Times, Matchbox Twenty
6. These Hard Tim..
Bright Lights, Matchbox Twenty
7. Bright Lights
Real World, Matchbox Twenty
8. Real World
Back 2 Good, Matchbox Twenty
9. Back 2 Good
Bent, Matchbox Twenty
10. Bent
Disease, Matchbox Twenty
11. Disease
Mad Season, Matchbox Twenty
12. Mad Season
Long Day, Matchbox Twenty
13. Long Day
Real World, Matchbox Twenty
14. Real World
Unwell, Matchbox Twenty
15. Unwell
Push, Matchbox Twenty
16. Push
If You're Gone, Matchbox Twenty
17. If You're Gone
Disease, Matchbox Twenty
18. Disease
Bright Lights, Matchbox Twenty
19. Bright Lights
Back 2 Good, Matchbox Twenty
20. Back 2 Good


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