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How To Select An Affiliate Program

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Select a merchant with an affiliate program that compliments your web site's content, IE, if your web site is about flowers seek out merchants in the field of flowers, gardening and so forth. You will do much better with affiliate links that blend with your site's content.

Generally, avoid merchants who: Only use cookies for tracking - Tell visitors to use the 800 number to make purchases (and have that 800 number boldly posted on every page). Most likely, affiliates will not get paid for orders made by phone - Do not provide a "control panel" which tracks visitors from your link, sales stats and banner farm with linking instruction -

Make sure you READ the terms and conditions of the affiliate agreement... you'd be surprised at how some merchants create ways to avoid paying affiliates who make sales... or delay payment. Just because a "named brand" merchant offers an affiliate program does not mean you will ever make a dime. Many large corporations offer commissions so low as to make linking with them worthless. Never link "for status"... you are just wasting your web space.

Test out a merchants goods and services whenever possible before joining their affiliate program. The reputation of your web site is at stake. Don't let a cheap/worthless product or service from a merchant ruin it.

The purpose of affiliate links is to generate additional revenue from your web site. If you are not receiving commissions from an affiliate link, get rid of it. Find a merchant with an affiliate program who knows how to make sales and pay affiliates consistently.

Pay close attention to the "traffic verses sales ratio"... IE... how many visitor are you sending through your link affiliate link verses how many sales are made. When that ratio reaches 1,000:1 (it takes an average of one thousand visitors to generate ONE sale) you should begin thinking about REMOVING that affiliate link from your web site, and replacing it with one that produces better results.

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affiliate tutorial

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