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Casino Affiliate Programs

affiliate directory Captain Cooks Casino - Excellent casino link to add to your site. Captain Cooks commitment to a quality affiliate makes this one of the few casino affiliate programs I'd recommend. Full affiliate control panel to tracking stats, commissions and numerous banners/linking methods provided. Out of 25 casino affiliate programs tested, this one was the FIRST one to actually pay, and pay consistently.

New Age Affiliate Programs

affiliate directory Psychic Revenue - Best of the best in the psychic/astrology/new age field. You can add a free daily horoscope to your site (that pays commissions for sign-ups); add a free psychic chatroom to your site (that pays for sign-ups) as well as learning about numerous ways to market your affiliate link (which can apply to other affiliate programs). Excellent.

Online Personals Programs

affiliate directory One-And-Only Personals - One of the first online personals services on the Web... tracking is very reliable since they use a CGI and cookie combo. Excellent linking options.

affiliate directory Match.Com - Offers a good deal of affiliate support. However, my experience has been that the click-thru/sales ratio is only fair. Still, a good affiliate program offering numerous linking methods, up-to-date stats and an affiliate control panel.

Movie and Music Posters and Art Work

affiliate directory All Posters - One of the best developed affiliate programs on the Net'. Excellent tracking, linking help, training and you can build your own complete poster store to add to your web site. Really worth joining.

Affiliate Management Programs

Out of 6 third party affiliate management companies, I only recommend the few below. All others either were: 1) Not webmaster friendly and catered far to much to merchants with weak affiliate offers, or, 2) Made joining and linking with merchants way to complicated 3) Tracking systems were questionable and merchants consistently found means of circumventing the merchant/affiliate relationship by making sales without paying affiliates who sent traffic.
Below are the third party affiliate companies I've had the best experience with.

affiliate directory Commission Junction - Offers hundreds of merchants offering commissions for sales via affiliate links. Merchants are held accountable for maintaining affiliate tracking. Excellent.

affiliate directory ClickExchange - Also Offers hundreds of merchants offering commissions for sales via affiliate links. Not as webmaster friendly as Commission Junction. Merchants seem preoccupied with "approving" affiliates and linking methods. Still being reviewed, but worth investigating.

affiliate directory ClickBank - ClickBank offers the largest selection of unusual and unique merchants. HOWEVER, you must choose which merchants you link with CAREFULLY. Many of the merchants offer multiple ways of paying for goods and services other than ClickBank... which means YOU will NOT get paid a commission if a visitor chooses to use, say, PayPal, instead of ClickBank. ClickBank would do well to require all merchants listed in their directory to ONLY allow payment via ClickBank. If they don't want to be listed in the directory, fine. It would make life a lot easier for webmasters seeking reliable affiliate links. Still, ClickBank does track it's own links reliably and strives to provide a good affiliate system.

Affiliate Directories For Independent Affiliate Programs

Below are comprehensive affiliate/associate directories which list thousands of merchants offering commissions to webmasters who link through their affiliate programs. Choose carefully... good ones are hard to find, but are worth the effort.

top affiliate and associate programs Affiliates Directory is one of my favorite places to check out new affiliate and associate programs.


top affiliate and associate programs Refer-It is one of the oldest of the affiliate/associate directories. There is a rating given to each of the programs in the directory.


AssociateProgram.Com is great site for exploring affiliate and associate programs. Lot's of very helpful information.


top affiliate and associate programs Associate Search has many interesting programs. This is one of the few directories that also lists MLM programs.


top affiliate and associate programs Cash Pile is a rather nicely organized place to find money making programs on the Net'.


Affiliate Program Search Engine


affiliate directory affiliate directory

Free Money On The Web -
Top Affiliate Programs

After joining and testing thousands of associate and affiliate programs since 1997 (when these programs first appeared on the Internet) this webmaster feels qualified in rating such programs and providing some sound advice.

Below are the top money making programs I've been affiliated with. This, my no means, is a comprehensive list of the good, quality affiliate programs out there. New, good affiliate programs are launched everyday. Really bad affiliate programs are also launched everyday... so be cautious.

To learn more about selecting an affiliate program Click Here.

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Reviews of Affiliate Programs

top affiliate and associate programs ClickQuick is an excellent site where YOU can REVIEW affiliate programs, associate programs and click thru programs. This is a resource you'll want to utilize when evaluating programs before signing up with anyone.

top affiliate and associate programs Revenews have you ever heard of 60 Minutes? The New York Times? Well, Revenews is the investigative online news center covering affiliate and associate programs. Excellent resource. They also maintain a pretty good directory of programs.

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