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There are too many fun things to do with email. Here, you can email celebrities, send annoying email or e-mail and insult.
You'll also find some very cool email greeting card sites, places you can make money with email, e-mail a joke, play a prank or send love email cards...
Soooooo, have fun. Who says the Internet has to be serious.

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free, fun email greeting cards 1 NetCentral.Com's
Free Email Greeting Cards

Very fun.......very easy. Send FREE email greeting cards for special occasions and holidays. Humorous Free Ecards Impress you friends and relatives (or future friends and future in-laws), SEND a free email greeting card. This site also allows you to upload and send YOUR OWN pictures and music in a greeting card format.

celebrity email addresses Email Celebrities
You KNOW you want too . . . you've always wanted too. You know what I'm talking about: Sending that special movie star, rock star, writer, or whoever an email message. Get emails from celebrities ... and more.

free email service

fun email service ReadNotify
One of the top email services around ... create emails that disappear, block printing, track your emails, know when they are read, hide your identity ... very cool stuff.
Also see our Anonymous Email Page

I Am Sorry Ecards
Need to apologize to someone you care about? apology email Need a REALLY good email card to help with getting you out of the doghouse? Then, check out Bluemoony Apology Cards ... they specialize in "I Am Sorry" email cards.
Send Apology Card Now

just plain fun Prank Place - Going beyond humorous email, Prank Place is where your find all sorts of humorous items and prank toys difficult to find anywhere else.

fun email idea Big Date Reminder
Great little service that combines excellent, fun, email cards with a reminder service. Never forget birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and special occassions again ... AND, have a quick, handy way to send out an ecard for the occasion. Guys, you need this.

fun email ideaEmail The White House
Got something political on your mind? Let the Boss know.

fun email Wise Dog Cards
Very original free email cards ... with a little Peter Max artistic flavor. Very cute and very easy to use.

fun with email Fun Email Add-Ons Make your email a bit more fun by adding smileys, adding emoticons (including animated emoticons) and/or get voice mail you can both send and receive. Check out the selection of shareware and freeware to enhance your emails.

Fun Email For Kids Kid Safe Email
If you're looking a good, solid, safe email service for kids, then check out KidMail ... they even have animated, interactive email for children. No spam, no porn and inexpensive (especially given the security they provide).

Email Vet Ask The Vet
Great online pet resource. NOT free, but very inexpensive and an excellent way to get veterinarian advice or a second vet opinion. Recommended.

Fun Email Inspirational Email For Women
If you have a girlfriend feeling down, send a free inspirational email message. It's just nice to do.

Extreme EmailExtreme Virtual Postoffice
If you're looking a bit more... ah, wild... nasty, even... check out Extreme Personal's Virtual Card's list of off-beat email greeting cards.
Links at above site can lead to adult material.

send love email Send Love Emails send love email Learn how to send passionate love letters ... sexy emails with class ... and much more.
Also, check out:
Romance Help Page.

email psyhic Email Psychic
Want a psychic reading by email? At Mystic Connection you can meet interesting psychics, tarot readers and (best of all) order a quick email reading. No sign-ups, no memberships, no obligations. Just order an inexpensive email mail reading, send your question. Who knows what you will learn.
Pssssst... if you like psychic stuff, check out Psychics Available Now (page will automaticly refresh as psychics, tarot readers become available or take calls) ... or go Ask A Psychic A Question

Play Email Pranks Monk-E-Email
This is way too much fun, too easy and funny. Send a monk-e-email with humourous graphics, message, you can even add an audio text. Must see to appreciate.

email gifts Freebie Laptop
No trick, no gimmick. Enter your email address to win a laptop and join their "freebie newsletter". My Free Stuff is a freebie directory and collects contest information and freebies from around the Internet.

fun voice email Get Voice Email
Want your own answering service you can access online? Want a number to give out to keep your primary number private? Want a way to receive messages by email? Get voice email. Good company to deal with.

email money fun UniqPaid - Email Money Make money with your email address? Now, that is fun email. Join the online rewards program and you can earn real cash by signing up for free offers; visiting particular websites; reading emails and more. ONLY for folks in the US and Canada.

fun emailValued Opinions
Your opinion can help set the trends of leading international brands. Valued Opinions is a service which pays you for taking part in market research surveys. Receive up to $50 for each completed online survey. Register free for a chance to win an iPod touch.

annoying e-mail greeting cardsAnnoy.Com
The ULTIMATE anti-email greeting cards. Shall we call it a highly "liberal" political site. That is an understatement. Some content is for grown ups

fun email Bored At Uni
This is just plain about having fun ... with or without email. LOTS of humor, pictures, material for funny emails ... you can even get a free, humorous email sent to you daily. Geared toward the high school, college age crowd.

Search personals photos
"I had no idea there were so MANY beautiful, single women in the world... and they are calling to me! You've made me one happy dude."

Meet Single Men Personals "Wow! I wanted to meet men and your personals really made it happen! It's a wonderful problem of too many men to choose from... Thanks!"

Free Online Dating

Search Photo Personals

*Free Members Chat    Join FREE!.

Psychic Love Chat    FlirtCams
Zodiac Love Match    Megafriends
More Personals And Chat

Email Fun
Smile Box Email Fun The Smilebox service is free and easy to use. With a few clicks, anyone can turn their photos and video into animated, musical wonders. Which is why they are receiving raves from their many users, but also consumers and the press.

fun singing email Singing Birthday Email Cards
Create CUSTOM, singing, birthday email cards. Very good service and quality ecards. They also have Singing Christmas Cards ... good year round, I think.
Also, check out Free Birthday Graphics.

custom email greeting cardsJust-For-Fun's Virtual Postoffice
Just-For-Fun Personal's FREE email greeting cards are fun to send, AND they'll also show you other great and unusual email card sites.

email funFreebie King
Provide an email address, enter contests, get free coupons. Now, that's fun.

fun email Free Garfield Ecards
What could be better than getting an email from Garfield ... except that first cup of coffee in the morning.

singles Singles Phone Chat
O.K., in cas you are getting tired of having fun with email, make money email Here is something a bit more interactive for you. Sign up for one of the services and you can locate and talk with singles in your local area. Cellphone flirting has become "hot" these days ... still, let's be save out there. In case you want to check up on someone Reverse Phone Lookup

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