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There is nothing more haunting than unexplained events, mysteries, surprises... things that are paranormal or just hard to categorize. Here you'll find a place to indulge in the strangeness of the world we live in... and facts that are just plain weird. Go ahead... get outside your "box" of the explained world.

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Unexplained Events FBI Files Of Unexplained Events - No, no joke. Real FBI files on unexplained events. Very cool. Very mysterious.
The X-Files TV   FBI Books

The Psychics Directory The Psychics Directory is a very interesting place to visit. You can get an online reading from a Psychic or a Tarot Card Reader or maybe get an astrological compatibility chart from an Astrologers. Lists fascinating sites involved in psychic research

Unusual NewAge Australia - So what is "The New Age Movement?"... The more I read about it the less I know. Maybe that's the point? Hummmmm.
New Age Books   Music

Urban Myths Urban Legends Check out the hottest, top 25 urban legends. Very strange stuff.
Urban Legends Movies   Books

paranormal events Ghost Hunters - There are strange spooks and then there are SPOOKS. What is the CIA up to lately...? Drop by and find out.
Ghost Movies   Ghost Books

Strange Stickers Huge Stickers Check out these wall murals. Or, Create your own customized murals. Cut-out, self adhesive wall art. Ready to apply. No cutting or gluing required. Waterproof- fine for bathrooms. Bedrooms, kitchens, hospitals, dentist offices, anywhere! Or, you could just go look at Lingerie.

Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy Theories There is little doubt there is more going on than is in the headlines of the news... how much more? Who is doing it and why? What is the conspiracy? Wild, strange stuff.
Also, check out Seize The Night.
Conspiracy Mystery Movies
Conspiracy Theory Books

monster mystery The Jersey Devil Is there some unexplained killer beast lurking the Pine Barrens...
Also, check out Seize The Night.
Jersey Devil Movies   Books

Unusual Real Zombies A quick tutorial on REAL zombies, where the term originated and research into how real zombie making is done.
Also, check out Zombie Rama.
Zombie Movies   Zombie Books
Serpent and the Rainbow

spy satellites Find Your House By Satellite... really! It is very impressive to see how advanced our spy satellites have become. One can only imagin the spy satellite technology that is "top secret".
Buy Your Own Spy Gear

strange and unusual

strange but true UFO Evidence Great site if you want to check up on strange, alien sighting from around the world... or file a report of your own.
UFO Movies   UFO Books

strange facts Strange Facts - You could win a lot of drinks at a bar... or stump a teacher... or impress your date with all these strange facts.
Records   Strange Facts Books

Things You Never Knew Existed Online Catalog
Prank Place
A web site committed to some of the craziest stuff you've ever seen. If you are looking for some strange things to own... or give as a gift (especially to people you don't like) this is the place.

online dating Help Find Extraterrestrials ... no joke. You can join SETI and help search for intelligent life in the stars. How? Well, for one, you can donate your computers time when you're not using it. Really. Check this out.
Extraterrestials in Movies   Books

spooks The CIA Homepage - There are strange spooks and then there are SPOOKS. What is the CIA up to lately...? Drop by and find out.
The CIA In Movies   CIA Books

Bigfoot Research Bigfoot Research - Few animals have be tracked as far, seen so often, yet never captured. Check out the research.
Bigfoot Movies   Bigfoot Books

Skeptics The Skeptic's Dictionary Just in case you want to believe in the strange and unusual or metaphysical... here's someone to ruin it for you. Still, it is best to keep an open mind about being closed minded.
Amazing Randi   Devil's Dictionary
Critical Thinking

Navy Seals Meet the SEALS - Now here is one crazy, courageous and tough group of guys. You sure you want to meet em'?
SEAL Movies   Navy SEAL Books

Ghost Help 24 Hour Ghost Help - Ghost help with psychic and spirit mediums you can contact anytime. Help with hauntings and spirits. Very handy if you start having trouble with a poltergeist.
Check out: True Ghost Stories
New Age The Coral Castle - Now, here is one of North America's great mysteries... not to mention a very strange love story. How does a man, by himself, build a castle of coral blocks (some of which weighted 9 tons) without ever being seen? Fascinating story.

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Free Paranormal Articles
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strange Loch Ness Monster Excellent site about Nessie, the Loch Ness creature who eludes human contact... mostly. You can even join the fan club.
Loch Ness Monster Movies   Books

strange Strange Mag Online magazine dedicated to the strange and unexplained events in our world. Very fun.

strange Ripley's Believe It Or... What? Forget belief... this stuff is just down right creepy... or is it just me. You decide.

mysteries Ancient Mysteries This site explores ancient and modern archaeological mysteries, unexplained lights, crop circles and other earthly mysteries. Usually, very up-to-date.
Crop Circle Movies   Books
Archaeology - History
Mysteries Of The World Book

web camsWebCam Search is truly an enjoyable experience. You can find webcams all over planet earth: Check the weather is Paris, watch farm animals in the midwest, visit strange people's homes, see scientific labs at work, whatever.
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