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Once in awhile we all need to look up information; do research; explore the world we live in; test ourselves; expand your knowledge. To that end, I created the Smart Stuff Directory. Whatever it is you want to learn, explore, research, or however you want to test your intelligence, you'll find this a place to start... and a lot of fun, too.
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reference Reference Desk - is close to ultimate online reference center. Their motto is, "Fact Checker For The Internet".

This Day in History

In the News

Dictionary Merriam Webster Dictionary - For when you need to check on the definition of a word. Merriam also has an online thesauras, Spanish-English translator and more.

health research Health and Nutrition Search has one of the most complete health search pages you'll find. Look up and learn about any drug, herb or health issue.

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historical reference -'s site is not only LOADED with historical information you can search for, you can actually watch historical documentaries online. Although the TV shows have moved to 'reality shows', there is still a lot of excellent 'real' history available when searching their site.

historical reference YouTube - You may think YouTube is just for entertainment videos, but you would be wrong. You will also find a HUGE selection of educational videos from tarot reading to math to setting up a Wordpress page. If you cannot find the live tutorial you are looking for, then it is your golden opportunity to create on for all of us! Search YouTube below.

Smart Essays Library Spot - This a media junkie's heaven... reference desk, library, news search and more.

US Government Services All U.S. Government Directory -
A nearly complete directory of all US government agencies and services... very impressive. Great source of government reports, ways to contact elected (and appointed) officials and agencies.

Search US Government

Space Exploration - NASA Research NASA
If there is anything you want to know about space exploration or the universe in general, search NASA online. NASA has cross-linked to numerous sites offering scientific info about space. Great place to get space photos, images from satellites and research probes. Just so you know: For every tax dollar invested in space exploration and research has created five dollars in economic growth. It was from NASA that we recieved such inventions as aluminum foil, liquid crystals and much more. Visit Top Ten NASA Inventions for more information. Support tax dollars for space exploration ... we get back more than just economic growth. We get hope. We find inspiration. We define ourselves as a nation. When the Chinese step on the moon, we may regret abandoning space exploration ... and the Chinese are planning the trip, today.

smart stuff Library of Congress Online Possibly the LARGEST center of knowledge on earth. Although it is nearly impossible to get the entire library online, those under-paid, under-appreciated librarians are working hard to get the most requested information on the Net'.

smart stuff Encyclopedia Britannica This is 'old school' but still one of the best online resources. It's always smart to reference the Encyclopedia Britannica... look up whatever you want to know about... right online. Very useful.

online resource Wikipedia This represents 'new school'. Wikipedia is now the top online referrence resource. Anything and everything is available within Wikipedia ... and it is completely user supported. Most impressive.

Search Wikipedia

Scholar Research Google Scholar When you are serious about scholarly research, nothing beats 'Google Scholar'. The provide an way to broadly search many disciplines and sources: Articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Search Google Scholar

Include Legal Opinions and Journals

rhyming Rhyme Zone - Working on poetry or music? Want to know what word rhymes with another? Check out this rhyme matching tool.

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smart stuff How To Directory eHow is a fabulous directory on how to do just about anything... sheet rocking, welding, computer work or even do your make-up in the morning. Invaluable resource for smart, inquisitive people. They also have a number of online educational videos

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smart stuff Aspect Ratio Converter - Getting the aspect ratio right can be a pesky thing. This online convertor can help you do it instantly ... just in case you don't have a calculator handy.

smart stuff Online Currency Converter - Just in case you need to figure out what your money is worth (to someone else), if that makes sense.

kitchen conversions Kitchen Measurement Converter - When you need to convert grams to teaspoons or kilograms into ounces. Very handy.

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Instant Genius Instant Genius Course Imagine ou could press a button and activate your inner computer that would enable you to seem like a genius to absolutely anyone, anytime. Learning can be easy. And the Instant Genius Guide can have you discussing Shakespeare, or performing complex calculations, or speed-reading books in a very short time. Learn the tips and tricks to learning things quickly and easily.

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