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HAPPY NEW YEAR... so, how do you like the new millenium so far? Yeah, me too... highly over rated. Below you'll find some very cool places to find graphic fireworks, champagne, New Year header-banners and more. This New Year, if you plan on drinking, do so responsibly. Do not drink and drive... plan for a designated driver. Have fun, be safe, I want to see all of ya' coming back soon.

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New Year's animated clip art Jo's Animated New Years Graphics

Outstanding collection of animated New Years graphics... some pretty humorous ... champagne, New Year's baby and father time, party hats, clocks and much more. A must visit.

New Years clip art Clipart Guide New Year's Clipart

We have stars and champagne and champagne glasses, party hats and ballons...Happy New Year! Also, check out Tracey's New Year's Gifs for New Years backgrounds, banners and bars.

New Years graphics Picgif's New Years Graphics

Very nice collection of Happy New Years banners, animated New Years graphics including champange glasses, kids with sparklers, humorous New Years greetings and more. Collection also includes some unique Chiness and Asian New Years graphics.

New Years graphics background and bars Tracy's New Year Graphics

Lots of fun and interesting New Years Graphics including Fireworks, Father Time, New Years header, New Year's lines and borders, father time and much more.

New Year graphics background and clip art Lee Hanson's Happy New Year Clipart

Some great free clipart for New Years including: champagne cocktails, penguins, confetti, fireworks, party hats and some nice new year backgrounds. Thank you, Lee.

New Years Clipart New Years Graphics And Clipart

The Christmas Graphics Plus folks have now brought you a good collection of New Year graphics. Both animated and clip art: animated Champagne bottles, New Year Baby, champagne glasses, banners, party hats and more. Also, check out Sanfords New Year Graphics and

New Years graphics Designed to a T New Years Holiday Graphics

Great collection of New Years graphics; champagne graphics, father time, new years baby, party hats, fireworks, animated count down graphic, party people and more. Also, check out My Free Clipart New Years Graphics.

New Years Backgrounds Wonder Backgrounds - New Years

Some great New Year backgrounds ... champagne, new years baby, confetti backgrounds and more.

Glitter New Year Graphics Glitter New Years Graphics

Very good collection of New Year graphics and clipart, animated New Years graphics, headers, New Years frog and Garfield, 10 second count down graphic, New Years hats, horns, glitter graphics, humorous New Year graphics and more.

Champagne Graphics ARG! New Years Cartoons

Lots of champagne bottle graphics and clip art, New Year's banners, New Years Eve count down graphic and more. Great stuff.

Champagne Graphics Webweaver New Year Clipart

Very nice graphics; father time graphic, New Years baby clip art, animated graphics, champagne bottle, party hats and more

New Years Graphics Animated New Year Clipart

A unique collection of New Years banners and graphics: Animated New Year banners, a couple of sexy New Years graphics.

New Years Graphics Satisfaction's New Years Graphics

Lot's of New Year glitter graphics for MySpace folks ... lot's of Champagne glasses, Father Time, dancing couples, hot babes and hunks and some rather original stuff.

New Years clip art collection Need New Years clipart and graphics for commercial work (building web sites for others, business web sites, etc.) then check out the sites below... for a small fee you can get all the graphics you'll need without getting into copyright violation problems. Easy, fast, safe. (Remember, too, many of the listed graphic and clipart sites above will build you custom graphics at a good price).

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