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"Here come's the bride... all dressed in white... dumm dumm tee DUMM dumm te dumm"... how come there's no special music for the groom? Maybe one of the wedding resource links below will answer that question. In the mean time, have fun browsing the wedding graphics and clipart sites for banner-headers, icons, animated wedding graphics and cool wedding graphic sets. Check out some of the wedding resource links for gift ideas, wedding planning, wedding help and more. Enjoy. If you're the bride or groom... my congratulations.

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wedding graphics Webweaver Wedding Graphics

Good collection of wedding clip art... wedding bells, hearts, bride and groom, a dove, wedding bouquets, flowers, wedding cake and much more. Very well organized.

animated angels, wedding clip art Angel Kisses - Angel Clipart

Need an angel graphic? Here's an exceptional collection of graphic angels. Angels are always welcome at weddings, eh? If you are curious you can Learn About Angels

wedding graphics's Wedding Clipart

Excellent collection of wedding clipart... bride and groom clipart, just brides, just grooms, wedding bells clipart, "just married" cars and suitcases, flower bouquets and more. Look toward the bottom of the page to see links to additional, related clipart such as bells, bride, champagne and more.

wedding graphics Wedding Graphics

Large collection of animated wedding graphics and clipart... find bride and grooms, wedding cakes, wedding bells, doves and more. Very well done.

wedding clipart CoolClips Wedding Clip Art

Very good selection of wedding clipart including bride and groom, wedding rings, wedding gifts, flowers and more.

wedding graphics Free Wedding Graphics

Great collection of wedding graphics: wedding rings, wedding bells, bride and groom, hearts, limo, wedding cakes and more. Lots of wedding clipart to choose from.

wedding graphics set Wedding Graphic Theme Sets

Some excellent wedding graphic sets including wedding backgrounds, borders, buttons and more. Well done.

wedding clipart Glitter Wedding Graphics

Good collection of glitter wedding graphics and wedding related clipart: Brides, "I Love Him" and "I Love Her" graphics and some engagement graphics.
Also, check out Satisfaction Glitter Wedding Graphics.

Jewish Wedding Clipart Crystal Cloud Jewish Graphics

Some nice Jewish graphic sets for a Jewish wedding site and animated Star of David, other clipart.
If you're single, naturally you'll want to check out the Jewish Personals... as if your mother doesn't nag you enough about getting married, eh?

wedding graphics One Heart Wedding Clipart

A collection of elegant wedding clipart: Flowers, wedding rings, bride, wedding cake and more.

wedding graphics WP Wedding Graphics

A good collection of wedding clipart: Flowers, wedding rings, bride, bride and groom, wedding cake, wedding bells and more.

Wedding Graphic Set Edigg Wedding Clip Art Collection

Outstanding collection of wedding clipart includes brides and grooms, wedding ring clipart, flowers, angels, church clip art, crosses, wedding bells and more.
Also, check out Wedding Backgrounds By Marie

Wedding clip art collection Wedding clipart and graphics for commercial work (building web sites for others, business web sites, etc.) then check out the sites below... for a small fee you can get all the graphics you'll need without getting into copyright violation problems. Easy, fast, safe. (Remember, too, many of the listed graphic and clipart sites above will build you custom graphics at a good price).

Graphics Collection   Free Animations   Free Wedding Graphics   Royalty-Free Photos By Subscription

My special thanks to all the Internet artist out there creating clip art, animations and graphics! Without these folks, the Net' would be boring. Support your Internet artist. Make donations, order custom graphics, buy software, whatever.

Know of any good Wedding clip art/graphics web sites?
Let us know: Email the Webmaster

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