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Self-Help Search Engine Directory and Tutorials

Get Links!
Help with getting links to your site quickly: tutorials and services for crosslinking, backlinks, reciprocating links, setting up a link partner page and more.

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linking help Trading Links, Crosslinking, Backlinks and Linking Help
1NetCentral has been on the web since 1997. We started out as one of those "sub-domains" with a little "~" next to our name indicating we were not even a "real" website. Since that time we have tried innumerable linking systems and methods. In fact, this page began as a directory to FFA links (free for all links). Google quickly put an end to those sites because FFAs began to subverted their search results. Way back then, FFAs were basically a harmless way to get your site noticed and indexed. FFAs were pretty much ruined by the greed and abuse by those seeking unmerited high rankings in Google. These days, list your site at a FFA at your own risk.

We have updated this page to help people interested in getting links to their website. It is geared to beginners and still covers some of the more recent, advanced linking concepts. Bottom line: You must link your web site to survive. The only way to get started is to ... well, get started. Where some wish to dive into the deep end to learn to swim, we do not advise it. Learn to dog paddle before swimming with sharks. Starting out, it is best to walk the straight and narrow with the search engines and build you knowledge of how things REALLY work day by day. To help you get started we created the Linking Help Tutorial. We hope you become as popular as you wanna' be.

linking method Link Building Software
If you are looking for a way to start building a powerful set of links to your site, and you have a fair understanding of the importance of linking with other sites, you will want to check out Link Monster back link building software. In fact, visit their site for more information and you can download a free trial of the software. Link Monster is a semi-automated system of article submission with some special features that make this link building method special.

links Google Says...
To get an idea of how important it is getting links to your web site, and why it is important to avoid "linking schemes". What is important is to set responsible linking that is relevant to your content or resource page.

reciprocating links Keyword Country - PPC Links
If you are serious about getting search engine links, there is no faster way to get links up than running a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Most people look at PPC as paying for visitors, but there is go getting around what you are also paying for is links. With Keyword Country you can develop a powerful PPC campaign that can make your site more profitable.

inlinks Backlink Beast Link Software
Backlink Beast is an impressive backlinking system. What makes this linking software unique is the range and type of links you can utilize. Link diversity is important to the search engines and 'the beast' does provide that. What makes this linking software very attractive is it's affordability. Just about anyone can afford the basic service.

The interior workings of Backlink Beast are somewhat secret. But, the thousands of members who use this software swear by it's effectiveness and appreciate the down-to-earth costs. They also say that the system is easy to use and understand (although a basic understanding of links and linking is very helpful).

linking SEO Link Vine
Link Vine is a large network of sites that publish articles. What makes Link Vine special is that many of the websites in the network belong to members of Link Vine who determine which articles they will accept at their site. So, you have a couple of important options: 1) You can submit articles with links to your site, and/or 2) You can add your site to Link Vine and get additional content for you Wordpress or Blog site. It is fairly easy to use and support is good.

page content Directory Submitter
Great service that will submit your web site/web pages to individual, SEO friendly directories. Inexpensive and you can control which directories you submit to; control title/description to each directory and more. Best of all, someone else does all the manual submissions for you, cheap. Absolutely worth the price. It will save you hours in directory submissions. If you are working in social media/community sites/blogs, then check out their Social Bookmarking Service

link building Link Building Strategies
One of the few, comprehensive ebooks available that will cover numerous link building strategies and ways to quickly, easily acquire potent links to your site. These link building tips and insights are powerful, respectful of search engines, and most importantly, are likely to propel your site to the top of search engines for your chosen topic.

directory links Best of the Web
Best of the Web is one of the top ranked directories on the Internet. All sites submitted are reviewed by real people and you are indexed according to your site's content. Although a bit more expensive than some directories, keep in mind that most major search engines consider links within Best of the Web high quality, which they should. It is a well organized directory with good content making it a good place to search for top sites.

deep linking Deep Linking Directories
"Deep linking" is linking to the interior pages of someone else's website. Deep Linker Pro offers an automated software for both linking to directories and setting "deep links" in directories which allow deep linking submissions (links to your interior pages). Although everyone seems to want only to link to and from the "front page", there are some real advantages to having other sites deep link to you, and you to them. Another interesting automated directory submission software you may want to investigate is SEO Linking Elite.

linking course Linking Course - 1000's Of Quality Links
Some SEO experts caution against using automated submission software and directory submissions. Even Google warns against using unapproved submission software to submit to their search engine. Other SEO companies and web site owners swear by quality, automated software for submitting to directories, blogs, article sites and such. For many site owners, there just is not enough time to seek out directories and linking partners with highly rated sites. 5000 Backlinks takes the entirely intelligent approach of providing you with ALL the information: Directory URLs, willing linking partners and training, to do an advanced job of linking and receiving quality backlinks. Best of all, it will only take you a few hours a MONTH to create a powerful, effective linking network.


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