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Nowadays, so much about website design, indexing and ranking is about SEO (search engine optimization). If you are interested in improving your ranking and somewhat controlling where you are indexed, then you might find iBussinessPromoter's Free SEO Beginner's Manual very informative.

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Free Search Engine Ranking Check

Check your ranking, PR and indexing within search engines

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Search engine ranking tools and tutorials listed below will launch a new browser allowing you to stay on this page and continue to research how your web site is ranked and indexed.

Search engine ranking or indexing within any given search engine depends on two things: How the search engine interprets your web site and if other web site owners find your site valuable enough to link their wonderful sites to yours. How well any web site accomplishes this task determines where a website is indexed and how well it will be ranked.

Meta-Tag Tutorial What is PageRank? A PR rating?
Where there are people working to promote websites, seeking link exchanges, performing SEO work, you will hear the question, "What is your PageRank". PageRank, Page Rank or Page-Rank, it is all about how Google ranks the popularity and upward mobility of a domain or web page. The higher the PageRank, the more popular or important the website, web page or domain. The term 'page rank' is becoming generic, although it should really only be used to descripe how Google ranks pages/domains. It is a bit like how the word 'Kleenex' is a tradmarked brand, but the word also is also often used genericly to describe any tissue paper used to blow your nose. Below you will find a free online tool to check a site's PR, pagerank and popularity.

Meta Tag Tutorial Ranking, PR and Indexing
A quick tutorial on understanding indexing, ranking and pagerank. They are really different things. 'Indexing' is where a search engine decides to put you in their indexes. That will be strongly related to your keyword meta-tags, key words in your content and how much quality content you provide. Then comes how highly you are ranked in an index. Besides 'ranking' within an index, there is also a 'rank' for overall popularity on the Internet. Google is 'ranked' number 1, with Facebook a close number 2 in overall popularity, and so forth. PR, or PageRanking, is a special methodology for ranking overall popularity. The technology is exclusive to Google. Understanding these subtle, but important, differences help when assessing your website's performance.

Page Ranking Free Google PageRank Check

Below you can do a quick Google PR or PageRank check on your website. You can check individual web pages within your domain, also. This search feature also comes in handy when you want to check out how your competitors are doing, too.

Check Page Rank For Domain/Web Page Now

Our thanks to Page Rank Checker for providing this feature.

Meta-Tag Generator Check Your Alexa Traffic Rank

It seems like the search engine Alexa keeps track of everything happening on the Internet, which is why checking their 'Traffic Rank' and 'Reach' can be very important. Their ranking information and graphs can provide insight into how well your site is performing across the web.

Enter your domain(s) below. You can check up to 5 domains.
Enter only 1 domain per line.

Data type:
Data range:

Thanks to iWEBTOOL for this ranking feature

Check Ranking Check Your Google Back Links

Since web sites that link to your site help determine where you are indexed, ranking and PR, it is good from time to time to investigate who is linking to you, and how many links to your site there are. Google makes this very easy.

Check Backlinks To Your Domain/Web Page Now
Just add your domain/web page as info:www.yourdomain.com replacing yourdomain with your domain or web page url.

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