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Free website tune up tools listed below will launch a new browser allowing you to stay on this page thereby allowing you to use all the tools quickly and easily.

Welcome to our free web site tune up page. Whether you are launching a new site, bringing an old web page to live, or checking a web page for performance, you will find these free tools and tips very handy. Not all of us can afford expensive software to do a full website tune-up. The free sites/tools below, when use together, can do a remarkable job improving the performance of your site. Naturally, if you marketing a web site, and you discover the value of these tools, you can consider purchasing more detailed, software/services from the folks who provide these free, great web tools.

Website Tools What Is A Web Site Tune Up?
No matter how careful we are as webmasters, we make mistakes. Finding those errors in our web pages is important. Especially, since you can be sure that the search engines and human reviewers for directories will find our mistakes for us. And, those mistakes WILL result in lower search engine indexing. A 'Web Site Tune Up' is pretty much whatever a webmaster decides is important. For our purposes, a basic web tune-up is the following:

  • Validation check (make sure the code is correct)
  • Graphics optimization (make sure graphics load quickly)
  • Link check (make sure your links working correctly)
  • Performance check (make sure the whole web page loads quickly)
  • Meta tag check (make sure your meta-tags are in place and formed correctly)
  • And, a spell check.

Using all the free web tools listed on this page, you can easily accomplish a quality web site tool up, free.

If you are looking for a powerful set of web site performance tools, going beyond just a tune-up, check out SEO Book Web Site Optimization Tools. Some of the optimization tools you can try free.

Meta Tag Check Free Graphics Optimization
If you find you have web page graphics that are just to big (causing your web site to load way too slowly), visit our Online Graphics Tools page. There, you will find a number of sites that will optimize graphics, free. You will also find a number of other free graphic tools.

Validation Check Validation Check
One of the best free online tools on the Internet. This free validation check will check your HTML and XHTML for code problems. Code errors are the quickest way to get devalued in search engines, who invariably WILL FIND your coding errors. If you are working with CSS, use the Free CSS Validation Check Although completely free to use, please consider making a donation.

Meta Tag Check Website Optimization/Performance
Outstanding free online tool to check how fast your web pages are loading. You will also get valuable advice on how to improve your performance. If you can, make a donation to keep them on the Web.

Link Check Link Check Free
iBusinessPromoter will do a quick, free link check on your site. Bad or broken links are a big no-no for search engines. It is a sure way to get your web site/page down graded in search engines. A routine link check of your site is very important. Also, Broken Link Check provides an excellent, highly detailed, free online tool for checking broken/malformed links on your site. You can link check your entire domain or just a single web page. Another great link checker is W3C Link Checker

Spell Check Web Page Spell Check
This web page spelling check service by CheckDog is very slick. They will spell check not just one web page, but all your pages on your domain. You can get one free spell check as a trial. Tip: If you can cut-and-paste web page content into an email message, spell check it, then paste the corrected content back to your web page (then just delete the email message). also offer a pretty fair free webpage spell check

Meta Tag Check Meta Tags Check
Visit our Meta Tags page to create and/or check your meta-tags. There, you will find everything you need to build and check meta-tags.

Link Check Keyword Density Check
This free web tool from iBusinessPromoter will do a quick, of your keyword density (percentage of your meta tag keyword or words within the text content). Depending on the SEO expert you talk to, your keyword density should be between 5% and 10%. Too much is considered "keyword stuffing" and can get you down graded by search engines. If your keyword is used to few times, and your content fails to express your chosen keyword, also a bad thing. If you are serious about marketing your web site, check out their Free SEO Help Book

Meta-Tag Generator Check Your Web Page Loading Speed

Nothing makes visitors jump away from your web site quicker than slow web page loading. This can be caused by a number of factors from poor coding to over sized graphics (or way too many graphics). Whatever the cause, getting your load time down to between 10 seconds to no more than 30 seconds is vital to retaining visitors. The average visitor will not wait much more than 20 seconds for a web page to load. It will not matter how beautiful your web page is if visitors will not stick around to see it.

Enter the web page(s) you want to load check:
Enter each url on a new line (Maximum 10)

Thanks to iWEBTOOL for this ranking feature

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