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Specialty Search Engines

Below are direct links to speciality search engines that can lead you to more of what you are looking for. Specialty searches can prove to be very handy when looking for web sites in unique niches.

business search Business Search
Specialty business search engine. Great for contacting businesses/corporations.

email search Easy Email Search
A search service for finding email address (or finding an email address' owner).

knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha
Very unique search engine. Solves math problems. Defines words. A 'knowledge' search engine.

Directories Web Directories Search
A directory of web based directories. Primaily for finding/submitting to specialty directories.

Twitter search Twellow
Very fun. Seach for and find Twitter postings.

search locally Local Search
Specialty search engine for searching for web sites in your community.

psychics Psychics Directory
If your tastes tend toward the mystical, you will find some of the top psychics online.

phone directory Icon Finder
Specialty search engine just for graphic icons.

phone directory Yellow Pages
The online yellow pages.

health search engine Health Search Engine
Healthline is one of the better health and medical search engines.

self-help directory Self Growth
Find every self-help, personal improvement guru and thousands of articles.

self-help directory iToons
Find all the music downloads you want.

job search engine Job Search
A career and job search engine.

word search engine Free Dictionary
They are what they say they are ... an indepth search dictionary.

software search engine Softpedia
Specialty search engine for finding software.

answer search engine Answers.com
A search engine for answering questions.

phone number search Check Phone Number
FAST search of public records on phone numbers. Service provides detailed reports on a phone number (and the phone number's owner). Also, check out Phone Number Check.

answer search engine Articles Base
Huge collection of articles people have written for the web.

answer search engine Chat Directory
Directory of some of the best and most interesting chat sites on the Internet.

pet search engine Pet Finder
Site dedicated to helping pets find loving homes and elimated euthanasia of animals without homes.

blog search Blog Search Engine
Find blogs on any topic.

code search Kids Search Engine
Human maintained, kid friendly search engine.

code search Code Search Engine
Find all the open source code you could ever need from html to C++.

video search p2p Video Search Engine
Specialty p2p video search engine. Very unique video search results.

graphic search engine Image Search
Seach engine for finding images and graphics.

People Finder People Search Engine
A service to help you find anyone in the US. Searches for public records.

Information Directory Wikipedia
Online Community bring knowledge and information about EVERYTHING. Consider making a donation, no ads. Let's keep these folks on the Web.

Reverse Records Lookup Reverse Records Check
Service that looks-up all sorts of records (public and otherwise). Reverse checks records against name or address or phone number.

technology search engine Cnet
Search for information on just about any form of technology.

love coaches Love Coach Line
If you are searching for a love, relationship or marriage advisor, you will find one you can call at Love Coach Line.

real estate search engine Zillow
Real estate search site with tools for home buyers/sellers.

law search engine Find Law
Search for lawyers, legal opinions, read articles. Very good law resource.

forum search engine Board Reader
Unique search engine that searches forums.

ezine search engine Ezine Articles
Search through tens of thousands of ezine articles by experts.

video search engine YouTube
Everyone loves searching through YouTube videos.

Below are handy direct links into Beaucop's unique search directories.

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