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If you have a web site, you want to track the traffic through a web page or entire domain. After all, what fun is it to have a web site and not know how many people visit. If you have a web page or domain for business, you need to know what web pages are popular, where visitors are coming from, how visitors navigate you site and much more. Below you will find help with web page tracking, from easy, free web tracking solutions to professional web tracking for businesses.

Free SEO Book A Word About Web Site Tracking
There are two ways to track visitors to a web site. One method is using the server statistics (used for logfile analysis) and the other method is tracking a tiny image or javascript code placed on a web page which is called page tagging. Which is best? It is a matter of choice, although server logs come closest in absolute accuracy. Long ago, in a far away universe (maybe 12 years ago on the Internet), tracking a web site/web page could be a challenge unless you knew how to access server statistics and make sense of them. These days in our world, there are all sorts of easy ways to get web page tracking, track traffic and visitors for your site.

Let's start with the most obvious. If you pay to host a domain on a server, you most likely have access to basic website statistics. Usually, a hosted site will have a Cpanal or Control Panel. Within that online panel is likely a place to access your server stats using server installed software, something like: Awstats, analog stats display or Webalizer. Check with your web host support to learn more. These will be the very basic stats. However, for 80% of those with web pages, those stats are more than adequate.

There are those who do lack access to server stats so we have included on our web tracking page several free or inexpensive web page/website tracking options. There are those who are doing Internet marketing, or looking to create a high traffic site for future business use, or those simply crazy about statistics, who need more than the server stats provide by the web hosting company. We have provided a few options for those folks on this page.

Something to keep in mind: Servers can provide FAR more tracking information than basic stats provided free by the web hosting company. But, when you start collecting/storing detailed visitor statistics, it WILL eat up a lot of your available disk space. Adding software to the server to collect detailed stats can also be expensive. Make sure you know how to make maximum use of tracking statistical information before going that route. There are some fabulous tracking technologies you can add to your server. Just be sure it is cost effective for your needs.

Based on numerous years of experience working with various methods of web site stats we can tell you that which stats collection method you use will come down to three factors: What sort of statistical display appeals to you; the amount of statistical information you want; and your confidence in your web tracking system or provider. Whatever you decide upon, we wish you as much fun as we have following our web traffic.

web tracking Google Analytics
Google Analytics has quickly established one of the premier tracking system available, and you can sign-up to use it free. You can track a single web page or an entire domain and will generate a lot of details and information than most need. Naturally, it hooks right up to Google's Adwords so you can track a PPC ad campaign.

web page tracking 123 Stats
Real, professional web site tracking you can try for free. 123Stats offers the full range of web statistics and analytical data. Great service for those just starting to utilize web site statistics AND for those operating a small to mid-sized web business. If you are running PPC ads, with 123Stats, you can independently confirm the PPC traffic (and confirm the visitors you are paying for are actually coming to your site). You will find the help, support and additional services excellent.

web page tracking Go Stats
Looking to get started with adding a stats collecting feature to your web page or entire web site? Try GoStats. You can sign-up for free, try it out. And, you will have the option of some interesting stat displays on your web page (or none at all). Plus, it is very inexpensive to upgrade to very detailed stats. Great, easy way to begin collecting web statistics.

Stat Counter Stat Counter
This is a very good way to get started with web page tracking. You can track visitors in great detail. Best of all, you can get start using it free. Under the free service, you will be limited to how much stat collection can be done. If you are just starting out, or have a domain with average traffic, the free service is more than adequate. The question is often asked, "why do they have to charge for larger sites?". As mentioned before, storing these stats can get expensive. And, the technology to display stats in a meaningful, simple to understand manner, is no simple task. It requires a lot of development and forever needs to be refined. Frankly, for what you get, this web site tracking tech is a deal.

Meta Tag Check Open Tracker
Open Tracker is used by a number of "heavyweights" on the Internet, large businesses and domains hosting a huge number of pages. The web tracking technology is very impressive. They do offer a free trial, however, it is limited by time, unfortunately. If you want to take a peek at the state-of-the-art track technology, try out Open Tracker.

Meta Tag Check iwebtrack
If you are ready to take your Internet business the next step, you will love iWebTack. All the details and advanced tracking features you could ever want. You can track a visitor all the way through your domain, right through a sale ... and set up your own analytics to find which web pages convert better than others OR set up test marketing pages seeking top conversion ratios. And, best of all, you can try it out, free.

Meta Tag Check One Stat Web Analytics
OneStat has all the web page tracking capability you could wish for. Completely scalable to your needs. If you are a beginner, you will find all the web tracking you need and will find the displays and data easy to understand. If you run a major online corporation (which makes us wonder what you are doing surfing here), you will OneStat's features possibly the most powerful domain tracking available anywhere. And, yes, best of all, you can try it free!

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Free SEO Book Worried About Your Privacy?
For many people, all this traffic tracking can be unnerving. Is your privacy being compromised? Is every web site following your every move? (We can SEE YOU ... SMILE). The concern is perfectly understandable, though nothing we worry about when surfing the web. Of course, there is are those on the Web who do not always act ethically (just as there are ethically challenged people off the Web). If this is a concern for you, and to help you preserve your privacy we can introduce you to Anonymous Browser which will help keep you surfing anonymously. Or, IPcloak, if you are really concerned with being followed. And, Protect Privacy Online which will help protect you against identity theft online. None of these software additions will prevent very basic server tracking (which provides no one with any personal information, anyway). But, each offers a powerful tool to help you preserve your anonymity if that is what you wish.

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